For the last few years I've been making aluminum lawn art. I've not yet put up a dedicated web site to my art (making the art is much more fun that messing around with a web site) but thought I should show some of my works to those that have expressed interest. So...shall we begin?


Tanager on ground mount with integrated flower pot holder

The Tanager is made of cast aluminum. The ground mount and flower pot holder are welded rebar. When in the ground the work stands 72" tall. The Tanager is free to move about with the wind.







A cast aluminum hummingbird. About six inches long, two inches and high and a four inch wingspan. A hook (out of the photo) allows the hummingbird to be mounted on a Shepard's Hook or any other convenient. The hummingbird will move and spin with the wind.

I have, literally, dozens of these, each is different.






Two Hummingbirds in a Frame

These two hummers are suspened from a plastic-coated wire that attaches to the top and bottom of the "frame", thus the are free to move with the wind. The framed is welded to a ground stand. The top of the frame is about six feet above ground level.




Dark Star

I think "Dark Star" was the name of a CSNY song back in the day. In any case, it seems to suit this multiple personality quite well. When the wind blows, the star is free to rotate and its light or dark side. What may apper to be blemishes are actully rain (we've had quite the wet spring). Aluminum is wonderfully impervious of the effects of rain, snow, ice, heat and cold.





Dating back to around 3000 BCE, the Ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for life. It was not linked to any religion or belief system.

In modern times its been hijacked by the counterculture movemnet, goths and tatoo artists who apparently have run out of any original ideas of their own. I make these in the spirit of life and with no acknowledgement to the above-mentioned peoples.

Stepping off soapbox now.

This design is also available as an outdoor memorial. The memorial version has a bracket where a small memorial plack may be attached. It can be made with an Anch, a bird, a sun, moon or a star.





I don't know if there actually is a bird by this name, but it seemed an obvious choice for this piece.

This is a male Tanager with the leading edge of the wings accented with copper.

I "staggered" the mounting to get the bird out front and give the work a subtle 3D effect.





Al TiCu

An aluminum star bordered with copper. It's on a titanium wire/hook mount, so it can go on any sort of a support. The copper will eventually patina. If you like that look, good. If you don't, a piece of sandpaper and five minutes (OK...well, maybe 15 minutes) of rubbing will restore it back to something approaching newness.




Tribute to Space Flight

The interest in humanity in general has, for the most part, turned away from spaceflight. While some private firms have expressed interest, they seem to lack a clear goal (other than making money) as to why we should challenge "the final frontier" once again.

Still, many of us remember those heady days when we were pulling out all the stops to beat the Russians to the moon. This work is a nod to the space age, from those who built the first practical rockets, to some of the first satellites placed in orbit, to the climax of people actually walking on the moon. The space aficionado will spot some of the clues in this work.

In the work, the moon and the satellite are free to roatate with the wind.







Movement - the Sun and the Moon

While the solar system is chalk-full of moons, asteroids, comets, and planets (although one less plantet than when I was young) this work concentrates on the two we see most often.

The sun and the moon are free to piviot around. So, as the wind blows, they will turn this way or that, always remaining in fairly close balance.




Moon with copper edge

This aluminum crescent moon is edged with copper. It stands about four feet tall.




This ground stake has an arm where a memorial plaque can be attached. It can accomodate many of the single works shown above.

Various sizes and styles of placks can be obtained from Perfect Memorials ( A customer can order the plaque from Perfect Memorals (or any other source) and have the plaque shipped to me for attachement, or the customer can attache the plaque themselves.



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