For the last few years I've been making lawn art, originally out of cast aluminum, but lately I've also been using copper, sheet steel and sheet aluminum. I've not yet put up a dedicated web site to my art (making the art is much more fun that messing around with a web site) but thought I should show some of my works to those that have expressed interest.


Wind Vains

While a "wind vane" is any device that senses the direction from which the wind is coming, I've titled these two "Wind Vains" as they seem to have a certain amount of vanity to them. These two, contrairan by nature, seem to mock the wind by frequently disagreeing on which why they should be pointing.

Materials include steel, brass, copper, aluminum, bismuth and glass.

At the moment they are not for sale.

To see a video of how they respond to a light breeze, go here.


Iron Butterfly

Those above a certain age will remember a rock and roll group named "Iron Butterfly". While this butterfly isnt' iron (it's steel) it is a butterfly that you can place indoors or outdoors. It comes with a ground stand (see photo below) so you can put it anywhere in your yard. A "hanging" version is available.

Fountain not included.

Since each one is made to order, just about any species can be made.





The Hoosier

Over a pound of aluminum cast in the shape of Indiana. Two glass half-sphers are attaced to a hole in the middle to accuntuate its sun-catcher abilities. Comes with a plastic coated steel wire and a hook for hanging.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. A stand is available for indoor use (setting it on a table or windowsill or the like).

Also available with red glass. Other colors are in the works.





Lucky Horseshoe

Cast aluminum horseshoe with round blue glass inserts. The base is plastic and is removable.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Makes a great sun catcher when placed in a sunlit window.

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to any person, vehicle, vessel, structure, horse (either alive or dead) or sports team (either good or bad) is completely coincidental.




Tanager on ground mount with integrated flower pot holder

The Tanager is made of cast aluminum. The ground mount and flower pot holder are welded rebar. When in the ground the work stands 72" tall. The Tanager is free to move about with the wind.







A cast aluminum hummingbird. About six inches long, two inches and high and a four inch wingspan. A hook (out of the photo) allows the hummingbird to be mounted on a Shepard's Hook or any other convenient. The hummingbird will move and spin with the wind.

I have, literally, dozens of these, each is different.






Two Hummingbirds in a Frame

These two hummers are suspended from a plastic-coated wire that attaches to the top and bottom of the "frame", thus the are free to move with the wind. The framed is welded to a ground stand. The top of the frame is about six feet above ground level.




Dark Star

I think "Dark Star" was the name of a CSNY song back in the day. In any case, it seems to suit this multiple personality quite well. When the wind blows, the star is free to rotate and its light or dark side. The glass ball in the center serves as a sun-catcher.

In the top image the side of the star shown is all black, the hint or red comes from a light behind the camera.





Dating back to around 3000 BCE, the Ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for life. It was not linked to any religion or belief system.

In modern times its been hijacked by the counterculture movement, goths and tattoo artists who apparently have run out of any original ideas of their own. I make these in the spirit of life and with no acknowledgement to the above-mentioned peoples.

Stepping off soapbox now.

This design is also available as an outdoor memorial. The memorial version has a bracket where a small memorial plaque may be attached. It can be made with an Ankh, a bird, a sun, moon or a star.





I don't know if there actually is a bird by this name, but it seemed an obvious choice for this piece.

This is a male Tanager with the leading edge of the wings accented with copper.

I "staggered" the mounting to get the bird out front and give the work a subtle 3D effect.





Al TiCu

An aluminum star bordered with copper. It's on a titanium wire/hook mount, so it can go on any sort of a support. The copper will eventually patina. If you like that look, good. If you don't, a piece of sandpaper and five minutes (OK...well, maybe 15 minutes) of rubbing will restore it back to something approaching newness.




Tribute to Space Flight

The interest in humanity in general has, for the most part, turned away from space flight. While some private firms have expressed interest, they seem to lack a clear goal (other than making money) as to why we should challenge "the final frontier" once again.

Still, many of us remember those heady days when we were pulling out all the stops to beat the Russians to the moon. This work is a nod to the space age, from those who built the first practical rockets, to some of the first satellites placed in orbit, to the climax of people actually walking on the moon. The space aficionado will spot some of the clues in this work.

In the work, the moon and the satellite are free to rotate with the wind.







Movement - the Sun and the Moon

While the solar system is chalk-full of moons, asteroids, comets, and planets (although one less planet than when I was young) this work concentrates on the two we see most often.

The sun and the moon are free to pivot around. So, as the wind blows, they will turn this way or that, always remaining in fairly close balance.




Moon with copper edge

This aluminum crescent moon is edged with copper. It stands about four feet tall.




This ground stake has an arm where a memorial plaque can be attached. It can accommodate many of the single works shown above.

Various sizes and styles of plaque can be obtained from Perfect Memorials ( A customer can order the plaque from Perfect Memorials (or any other source) and have the plaque shipped to me for attachment, or the customer can attach the plaque themselves.




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The Moon, the Fox and the diorama legs are made out of recycled aluminum. The eyes of the Fox are Bismuth.



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This is a commissioned work to memorialize a gentlemen who lived a western lifestyle and loved riding horses.

The plaque is covered in the photo to respect the privacy of the family.

The boots are made of recycled cast aluminum, the stand is a recycled shepard's hook.












A memorial for a cat that was a friends dear and long-lived pet.



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Candle Holders


Blue Candle Holder

The glass edges have all been sanded down so it's quite safe to handle.

Gravity and friction hold the candle in the bottle, to replace the candela just lift the bottle out and push the candle out with a finger of a stick.






Candle Holder with copper reflector.

On this piece, the copper has patinated. On a new piece, a coating can be applied that will not allow the piece to patina.


The wine bottle comes out of its holder, so it's a simple matter to push the candle out from the bottom.



Copper Ball Candle Holder

Five solid copper balls give this piece a nice weight and good stability.




Clear Glass Candle Holder

The wine bottle lifts easily out to remove any candle remnants.











Copper Ring Candle Holder

A 16 inch diameter flattened ring (1/2 inch wide) holds a candle mount and drip cup, all made of copper. The holder comes with an LED candle. It will also accept a wax candle that may require some trimming at the bottom, easily done with a hobby knife.

Available with or without the drip cup, but the drip cup is highly recommended if you'll be using a real wax candle.


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Croquet Wickets


Summer of 2019 I thought it would be fun to expand my metal artwork a bit, so I started making croquet wickets adorned with various animals. All of these are of hand-painted steel. All are available "wicket style (for use in croquet) on a single stake for ground mounting, or with no mounting at all so you can just lean it up against something.  



This miniaturized version of the largest cat native to the Americas is painted by both airbrush and hand. Dimensions are roughly 10" by 5".

Painting is on one side only ($30) or on both sides for $45.




Snowy Owl

This is a young Snowy Owl. As they mature, the number of black spots decreases.

The Snowy Owl normally is found in northern circumpolar regions, but some have been seen as far south as the American Gulf Coast states.

Painting is on one side only ($25) or on both sides for $40.




Ring Tailed Lemur

Approaching extinction due to loss of habitat, the Ring Tailed Lemur is found only in the southern half of Madagascar.

Painting is on one side only ($25) or on both sides for $40.





Angel Fish

It's extremely rare to see an Angle Fish on land. This one has been dismounted from its wicket, and having no ocean readily available, I took a photo on it while it was struggling for life. No worries, I threw it in the bathtub, and it swims happily there. I'm not sure if I look forward to bathing with it or not :-)

Painting is on one side only ($25) or on both sides for $40.



Polar Bear

Single side paint, $20. Both sides $25.




Turtle (yellow spotted) and Penguin

This is the only time you'll see these two together. The Spotted Yellow turtle is on found in parts of the Midwest and east coast of the United States. Penguins are found exclusively in the southern hemisphere, except for a few in the Galapagos Islands.

Penguin - $25 for one side paint, $30 for both sides.

Turtle - $30 for one side paint, $35 for both sides.





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Halloween Croquet Wickets

The Halloween Set has only five members at the moment, all shown below. As time permits I'll be adding a Mummy, Wolf man, and two others that I've not thought of yet.T    



You can choose if you want you bat "facing" right or left.

$25 for single side paint or #35 for both sides.






Don't cross them, or let them cross you.

You can choose the color of the eyes. The eyes are actually "set back" a bi,t giving the piece something of a three dimensional quality when seen in person.

Available with set-back eyes painted on one side only for $35.
Painted on both side (eyes not set back) is also $35.






I don't know if this is Great Caesar's Ghost or not (and if you don't know that expression you are way too young) but it's a ghost none the less.

$20 painted one side, $25 for two side paint.






$25 for single side paint or $35 for both sides.




DRACULA rarely comes out of his coffin during the day, but he yielded for this photo opportunity.

This work is actually a wicket, but the wicket part is detachable so we can just bury him wherever we please.






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Other Works

Wind Vanes


Questions/comments, E-mail me at john at theastroimager dot com